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31 March 2012 @ 10:06 pm

ust like the title says! I've been flailing about this all day lol I can't stop lookin! Can't believe I actually met him! Look at our arms, they're touchin! AHHH! And he's tiltin his head to me, what a sweetie pie. He's so gorgeous, I just cant! *incoherent babbling* 
16 March 2012 @ 12:34 pm
This may be poorly written, because I'm still tired & excited all at the same time. But here goes...
First of all, those who don't know, I live in Alabama. The concert was 20+ hours away. We left Tuesday night and drove all the way to DC, which was like 16+ hours away. We didn't stop anywhere and sleep. We barely even stopped for anything. When we finally made it to DC, it was in the evening. We were tired & cranky. I didn't get to see any sights or anything. It was at this point that I really questioned why I drove all this way to meet him. Especially when I was so iffy about him. I mean, the drive was SO hectic. I was so nervous about the drive back & just ready to be at home. Honestly I kind of wished we had never came at that point. We went to bed around 7 and woke up at 3 the next morning to catch our 5:15am bus to NYC. 
We got to union station & was so confused about where to go. Luckily we ran into Siham in there. She's a Jin fan I know from facebook. She recognized me first, then I realized who she was. We followed her to the where we caught the bus. When we first got on the bus, it was pretty empty and peaceful. Then we made another stop and the bus got packed. I tried to sleep, but it was to no avail. When we finally made it into the city or at least could see the back end of it, I almost started to cry. I couldn't believe I was here or that I was actually gonna meet Jin. 
After we got off the bus, it was apparent it was that it was MUCH colder in NYC. We went to our hotel & gave them our bags to hold, then headed off to the line. Raina and Mara were already there waiting. They had been for a while, so we were pretty close. It stayed below 50F the entire time & the wind blew. We froze! I couldnt even feel my toes. Jen and Wendy joined us later. Then Wendy's friends, Joanna and Talia. We waiting in line for HOURS. My feet was killing me by the time the let us in and so was my stomach. I had barely eaten all day.
Wendy had to check her camera in, so we waiting on her & then went inside. We were like in the 3 'row', but still really close to the stage. I couldnt believe how small the place was. I was actually expecting it to be bigger. I had a great view of the stage tho, so I was happy. Paper doll band, I think was their name, came out & honestly at tht point I was in no mood for any1 but Jin. So they kind of bored me & I counted the mins for them to b thru. Joseph Vincent was a little better. He interacted with us much more, so I actually enjoyed him a little bit. But I could have done w/o both lol 
So after Joseph we took and intermission. I knew SBD would be the first song & I was pretty much freaking out to myself at this point. I was about to see Jin freaking Akanishi!! I couldn't even believe it. I told Jen I would prob cry when he came out. Then the SBD music hit & everyone started screaming. The curtains opened and there he was. I was in awe. "This is really him. He's standin so close and right in front of me.' It was very surreal for me. He was smaller than he looks on TV and stuff. Where we were standing, the bass was SO loud, you could barely hear him singing sometimes. I wish they would have fixed that or something. But anyways, we all sung along and he danced during it. It was cool seeing him dance in person. 
Next was Tell Me Where. I think at this point he asked 'what's up New York?' I cant remember if thats when, but he did say that lol. The bass was awful in this song, I almost didn't even hear him singing at all. But I enjoyed it nevertheless. Something that made me mad was that every time he would come to our side of the stage, the ppl behind would push us. I'm like, he's not gonna touch you, calm yourself and stop making us at the front feel miserable. I felt sorry for this little asian girl behind us, she kept getting pushed around. She told me sorry and I told her to push them back if they pushed her, cause that's what I did. <tht didn't happen during this song. It happen when kevin got out of the crowd. People couldnt push him lol. 
Then he sang Set Love Free. The girls danced in this song and at one point they were like dancing on each other. I just wanted to know why. This song wasnt a sexy song or anything. The dance didn't match at all. 
Body Talk was next & he introduced it as one of the songs from his last tour. He still had his glasses on at the beginning & was starting to become disappointed, cuz I had read he took them off in this song at the other cons. I had just tweeted about it when he took them off at the 2nd verse. He did his body rolls a few time & it was great hahaha. 
Like you was next. This is 1 of my favs from the album. We all did the hand signs with him during it and he kept his glasses off. Its a beautiful song & I enjoyed it. 
Pindom was after that and I think he put the shade back on for this. We all did the hand wave thing with him during this song & I singed along. It's 1 of my fav YGT songs. When he finished he said "I'll be right back" and then it was intermission. Kev and I both got out of the crowd to stretch. Then Kevin said he was gonna stand to the side. So I got my bra out of his pocket and headed back to my spot. People weren't gonna let me back at 1st. 1 girl said "u havent been to a con before. Never leave ur spot". I said "Well, I'm gettin back" and I just pushed every1 out of my way and got back to where I was lol. 
He came back out to TWSS, the song I hate most with a passion. He was wearing that double denim again. Like at the other cons, he cam out with his phone filming ppl and a drink. When he came to our side of the stage with the camera, all us in the front were smushed. *eye twitch* the girls with no self control kill me. Yeah, the song & performance was like at all the other cons. I dont like the song so I didn't pay too much attention. 
Then was Aphrodisiac. My fav song off the album. He sat in a chair and they brought him a cane & fedora. I dont remember a lot about this performance for some reason lol I just know he threw the fedora out in the crowd at the end lol & I bet a fight occured lol
Test Drive was next & wendy & I were freaking out. This was the song we were gonna throw the bras on. He had left stage & when he came back, no shades. We were like darn! We still wanted to throw them & I told Wendy it wasn't the last song so we waited to see if he put them back on. 
Then it was Yellow Gold. He kept the shades off. We all did the fist pump with the song. He might have smiled slightly during this song. 
Oowah was after that. Another one of my fav YGT songs. We all sang along and he motioned for us to sing the 'oowah' part. Still he had no shades. At this point, we were begging him to put them back on.
Cali rock was last & he finally put the shades back on. So we decided we were gonna throw, but only when he came to our side of the stage. Me, Wendy, Talia, Joanna and Raina all got our bras ready. He finally came to our side and we all threw them right in front him. There were 6+, i know that much. He saw if, of course and smiled real big. He stepped over them and looked down, then laughed. He had to stop singing for it. He went back to the center of the stage and then glanced back at the bras and smiled again. It was like he couldn't stop looking or smiling at them. That point made the whole concert. The most emotion we got out of him so far.
Seasons was the encore. When it started he introduced it as his Japanese song. He sung a little of the 1st verse, then asked if we understood it. We said yeah and sang along with him. Then he asked if we were sure lol It was so cute.   http://twitpic.com/photos/Kendorachan 
I have a vid at the link a just posted of season. But the audio completely sucks cuz of the stupid base :( U can mute and just watch him if u want to tho lol 
At the end, he said some things. Something about everyone going to work 2moro. Could barely hear him for the screams. Pretty sure he said love yall tho. 
After every1 cleared out, we all went to the meet and greet. They lined us up in alphabetical order, so they wouldn't get the pix mixed up. Their was some confusion so I hope I get MY picture. Waited in line for what seems like forever. My stomach was killing me and so was my feet. I even sat in the floor while we were waiting to go in the room. I talked to some really nice girls from Japan who had was flying to ever con & meet. They encouraged me to talk to him. When it was finally mine turned, I walked in. I assume I looked like a zombie, I was so tired. I believe he was smiling when I came in. Some of this is a blur. I handed my post it to the lady and she told me to go stand by Jin. He said HIIIIII in a real cutsy voice when I was walkin to stand by him. He was sitting down behind a table. so I had to squat a little to get beside him. Thank you booty sculpt, because squats arent so hard for me now. I smashed my arm against his, on purpose LOL He didn't really have a smell. He was just sorta there. His arm was comfy tho. He had his hands on the table, ready to sign my poster. So he didnt touch me. We were sort of rushed. My smile was prob pretty stupid in the pic lol. Then when she took it, I walked back on the other side of the table. Jin read the post it "Ken-dra". He pronounced out. It was incredibly adorable. Then the lady asked me if I was from New York and I said I was from Alabama. Her and Jin were both like "What?" I told them we had drove 20+ hours up here for this. Jin's eyes got big & he was like "WHOA!" He seemed impressed that we actually drove that far. His eyes when I was talking to him, like you could see the interest in them. I was asked how I knew about him since I lived down South. I said "Kat-tun" LOL I wasn't even thinking when I answered tht, but it was the truth. He smiled and was like "ahhhhhhh" It was nice to see him smile about KT. I started to leave, but he offered his hand. I shook it and it was soft and warm. When I shook it, he looked me right in the eye and smiled. The look in his eyes were so sincere. Like he was truly grateful that I was there. It was a day I wont soon forget. 

21 October 2011 @ 02:24 am
Wow, so this going to be my first journal. At least I'll have something on here now. 
It's 2AM and I'm watching  the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special and for some reason it's made me miss things the way they used to be. Maybbe it's because I used to watch things like this at my old house. Back when I still lived with my parents, back when they were still together. When I was in high school, I always hated the way things were. I didn't think I was thin enough, but I was thinner then than I am now. I was average size, but not small enough in my eyes. I had never had a boyfriend and I thought being single was the worst thing ever. Aside from being unhappy with that aspect of my life, I had a lot of wonderful friends that I saw almost everyday and my parents were together. It's funny how you take things for granted when you have them and never realize what you have until it's gone. I'm married now and I have a wonderful husband. I'm even on a diet and successful exercise program, so I'm going to have that body I always wanted. But I moved off when I got married and rarely ever see my friends. Also my parents have split. I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too, but I sure wish I could.
Well I guess that's all I have to say. Except I need to design my profile.  
18 more days until Jin's US release! Something to be excited about!
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